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Before & After

There is a sense of awe, inspiration and hope that we all feel when a remodel goes beyond renovation to transformation. 


The standard paradigm is that design  is about changing the look of a room or space. After working with hundereds of clients, I think it is more about changing how the space makes you feel.

My clients had built their home 23 years ago. With the exception of the addition of granite counter tops the original kitchen had remained unchanged.


While the kitchen was still functional as a food preparation area, its u-shape configuration, the oversized table in the eating area and a dropped beam - all combined with very poor lighting options, had created three separate and disconnected areas.


The owners wanted new design that would give them one larger, social gathering area with easy traffic and visual flow. 




I have always thought about this before kitchen as the 'Ugly Duckling'. 


As with many remodels, we borrowed space from the adjacent and largely-unused dining area. Starting with only 90 square feet, we tripled the usable area.


Our goal wasn't to fix what was broken as much as it was to fully imagine the possible. Our client's response says it best,


"We had decided to remodel, even though our plans were to be in this home for only four or five more years. Now, neither of us can ever imagine moving away!"





Cooking was a favorite pastime for the owner, but his kitchen had no place for others to linger and was closed off from other rooms where everyone would congregate.


The southern exposure and mountain view out the back was a major reason he bought the house, but the old kitchen blocked any connection. 


We were able to demonstrate how to take out a kitchen wall without taking away storage or counter space.  Afterward, the owner reflected on the transformation:


“We picked up the energy of the mountains, the view and the trees and incorporated it into the house. We had no idea we could open that room up.”

Cooking was being done without proper storage, and clean-up meant staring at the wall behind the sink. Either activity hindered our client's (a working, single mom) ability to connect with her kids because the layout always kept her turned away from them.


The new design changed cooking back into a joy.  The  entire room  became a wonderful social gathering area where everyone could easily connect. The result:


“I love my new kitchen... it is perfect. Thanks for all the special attention and for the fabulous outcome.”





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