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My clients include remodelers, new-home builders, architects, designers and homeowners; really, anyone who wants to take their kitchen beyond good function and great looks. You can find another 25 testimonials on my site at

“When I work from home, I set up my office in the kitchen, simply because it is my favorite place. Perhaps my designer could add a roll-out trundle bed to the cabinet line? Then  I would never have to leave the kitchen.” ....RG


“I love my new kitchen so much, I don't even want to go out to eat. After dinner, Ted and the two boys always used to go into the family room to watch TV. Now, no one wants to leave.” .....BM


"We had decided to remodel, even though our plans were to be in this home for only four or five more years. Now, neither of us can ever imagine moving away." .....AD


"My Home is now free of congestion and clutter, and people have room to move around. I not only got a beautiful space, but the icing on the cake is the sense of ease and relaxation that I have never dreamed I could have in a home. Because of the care put into the design process, my home fits me like a glove. I'm tickled pink!" ....SA

"I've been building custom homes for over 20 years. Chris is the best designer I have ever worked with." .....JD (A Better Home, LLC)


“Thanks to a fortuitous opportunity, we were introduced and I loved your design philosophy. I immediately knew that you would be a valuable asset on my team of resources, with your building background and varied design expertise. The very first project you created was for a home with an extra-large Kitchen, a professional chef and 9 children, it was a huge hit with my clients. They think their new Kitchen is ‘Amazing’, and so do I!”.... JP (Pippin Home Design)


“When we bought our forever home, we knew the kitchen was lacking the love the rest of the home and property had.  We didn’t know how to begin to make this our space…how do we do this?  How much will it cost?  What does our space look like anyway?  Then, with a phone call and recommendation, we were sent to Chris.  Best decision EVER!  He was so patient with us and helped us find out just what would make us happy in our space.  And he was right!  His guidance and suggestions made this project tolerable, his caring about others and loving what he does helped make our new kitchen be the warm gathering place we dreamed it to be.” ... Brian and Patricia (Charlotte)

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