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Author's Note


     We often try to describe to others something or someplace that we Love. Our attempts may fall short because it's about the joy and personal delight we are feeling and not the object or place itself. This is how your new kitchen can feel and it is the reason I've written the book.


     My clients all had this experience and their true stories illustrate how looking at social connections and personal preference patterns can turn your kitchen renovation into a transformation. 


    The first three sections of the book focus on design and helping you to discover and use the patterns that determine why you like the things you do. The last section provides a comprehensive roadmap to the remodel process itself. 


    You should  finish with the knowledge, insight and tools needed to create your own completely personal kitchen,enjoy the  process and say at the end,


“It came out just the way I hoped!”




Excerpts from the Book:

  • Table of Contents

Who Should Read This Book  Book Excerpt

Introduction  Book Excerpt


Part One (The Lessons Learned)

Musical Chairs Book Excerpt

The Dysfunctional Kitchen

Room for One More

The Bristlecone Pine

Finding Malibu Book Excerpt


Part Two (Transformations)

Trundle Beds in the Kitchen

Chain Saws in the Kitchen

What's a "Funk-meter?

Lawyer John's "Kick-Ass" Kitchen Book Excerpt

The First Housecall

Comfort and Ease

The "Ugly Duckling"

The Boardroom

The $6.5 Million Dollar "Fixer-upper" Book Excerpt

The Birthday Gift  Book Excerpt

The "Interior Window"

The French Country Kitchen

Two Chefs in the Kitchen

"Feeling is Believing"

 The "Cardboard" Kitchen

Radio Silence

Too Many Toys

The 1200 Square Foot Kitchen


"You Can't Get There From Here!"



Part Three (Putting it All Together)

Where to Start

What it All Means

Patterns and Preferences


Part Four (The Remodel Roadmap)

Remodel Stages

Should I Remodel or Move?

How Much Can I Afford?

How Much Should it Cost?

How Do I Choose a Kitchen Designer?

What Do I Need to Know about Cabinets?

How Do I Create a Preliminary Budget?

How Do I Choose a Building Professional?

How Do I Finalize My Plans and Objectives?

Who Else Do I Want on My Team?

What Should I Know About the Product Selection Process?

What is the Timetable for My Project?

What Should I Look for in the Construction Agreement?


Construction- Your Remodel Roadmap


Essential Ideas


About the Author  Book Excerpt

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