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  • Lawyer John's "Kick-Ass" Kitchen


     As I am visualizing and trying out different designs in my head, my enthusiasm sometimes can push me into flights of ethereal language (my wife would say woo-woo). This is fine for  creative clients, but not at all helpful for lawyers and others with a more analytical bent. 


    In this case however, I was able to contain the urge. In my head I could envision a magical space that would radiate a warmth and comfort and capture the emotion of all who entered. With a quick mental gear change, I ended up telling John that we could create a really “Kick-Ass” kitchen. I knew I had hit the mark when he gave a fist-pump and said, “Yes, that’s what I want!


    In developing a design for the room, a key aspect would be to complement two strong elements that were already present ....



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