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Book Excerpts


  • Musical Chairs


    I’d been designing and building custom homes for some time when an upcoming remodel/addition offered me my first opportunity to take full responsibility for the kitchen design.


    In the past, I had always worked with the assistance of my regular vendors; but increasingly, their efforts seemed sterile and displayed a sameness that left the designs feeling mechanical. Taking sole control of the design seemed like the only way to move forward.


    I couldn’t put my finger on the problem or solution, but I knew the kitchen was too important a part of the home just to settle for working well and looking good. Efficiency and visual appeal were always desirable in their own right; but an inner voice was telling me these were only a good start on something that could become much more. I was determined to find out for myself, but I could never have envisioned how unexpected the answers would be. 


    My clients for this first opportunity were ......







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