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The Kitchen Design Pyramid

My Design Pyramid intentionally borrows from Abraham Maslow, the renowned behavioral psychologist who posited a pyramid of human needs. His hierarchy showed personal fulfillment or self-actualization at the pinnacle, representing an achievement that was only possible when the needs lower on the pyramid (e.g. food, shelter, and security) had already been met. To grasp how good function and visual appeal are just the beginning in the design process, hear how one customer summed up her results:

“Finding just the right recipe for creating my new kitchen meant blending convenience and beauty into a special gathering place for friends and family- a place where everyone would experience the warmth, comfort and security of the hearth. This must be why I chose the soft, nostalgic finishes and beautifully simple look I remembered from my Grandma’s farmhouse kitchen. It was there she served up equally generous portions of love and home-cooked meals to her family, friends and farmhands.

Now for after-school snacks or homework for my six children, neighbors dropping in, birthday parties, or pancakes served from the griddle on Saturday morning– the warm, comfortable feeling draws everyone in and no one ever wants to leave! And it is fabulous I can prepare, cook and serve meals in the prettiest room in the house, while remaining part of what is going on.

Even though the island seats nine, not a day has gone by that it hasn’t been full. For my family, the kitchen is both the heart and the soul of our home. And, as I carry on the traditions of childhood, Grandma would be proud that in our hearts and in our kitchen– there is still room for one more”.


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